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DUI/DWI Attorneys Catonsville, Maryland

In Maryland, the most commonly charged criminal offenses are those that involve the act of driving while under the influence of alcohol and/or driving while impaired by alcohol. A charge of driving while under the influence (better knows as “DUI”) holds a maximum penalty allowed under Maryland statutes are 1 year and $1000 for a first offense, 2 years and $2000 for a second offense and 3 years and $3000 for a third offense. DUI also carries 12 points with the MVA at a hearing before the MVA; the driver’s license may be revoked.

The other most commonly charged criminal offense is that of driving while impaired by alcohol (also known as “DWI”). The maximum penalty is 60 days and $500 for first offense and one year and $500 for a subsequent offense. DWI also carries 8 points with the MVA and at a hearing the driver’s license may be suspended.

It is imperative that a DUI/DWI accused see a lawyer as soon as possible after being charged, to fully protect your rights. Law Office of Natasha Veytsman Rossbach, PA is a law firm with experience in these areas. Call us today for a free initial consultation or fill out an online contact form.

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